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Not to be missed

 #The road of the Abbeys. Faith art and nature in the Milanese area
  • The Ancient Roman Milan

    The archaeological route
    On the trail of the Roman Empire through Milan streets...

  • Milan literary city

    The capital of publishing
    Walking through the words, the voices, the books of the great writers of the city...

  • The First World War

    100 years of memory
    Countries involved in the war are preparing for celebrating  facts and victims...

  • Waiting for Expo 2015

    Milan city of Expo
    Events, previews and news about Expo Milano 2015...

  • Milan South Agricultural Park

    Nature, flavours and traditions
    This is an area characterised by the presence of water...

  • Milan: Art and Fashion

    For those with little time who want to sample the “best” that Milan has to offer, we suggest this itinerary that...

  • Out of the ordinary Milan

    Liberty in Milan
    The Liberty (Art Nouveau) style ‘flourished’ in Milan in the decades spanning the end of the nineteenth and start of the twentieth century. Splendid buildings were built...

  • Leonardo in Milan

    Illustrious guests have honoured the city and left indelible marks. One of these was Leonardo da Vinci, one of the...

  • Adda Nord Park

    Along the river, through art and nature

    With the arrival of the summer season we recommend a visit to an area where nature blends with historical remains from distant and...

  • Get to know Milan

    From Piazza Duomo to Brera, “the romantic”
    Just a stone’s throw from the Duomo, the Galleria Vittorio Emanuele and the Teatro Alla Scala is the Brera district. It is a very elegant area with restaurants...

  • Groane Park

    Strolling among nature and the "ville di delizia" (villas of delight)
    Where natural beauty and architectural...

  • Milan from above

    Seeing Milan from above is a unique and exciting experience...

  • Corporate Museums

    A museum in the factory
    Corporate museums are places that house Italian ingenuity and resourcefulness...

  • Roman and early Christian Milan

    A stroll to Mediolanum
    When it comes to a city as big as Milan, that is dedicated to technology...

  • Get to know the Province

    Between parks and waterways
    The territory of the Province of Milan is in the main an area of flat-land criss-crossed by an intricate network of waterways...

  • Transformations and evolutions

    Milan: work, factories and offices
    From the beginning of the 20th century to the present, the daily lives...

  • Only in Milan

    Milan through the centuries
    Visiting Milan is to journey through a history spanning one thousand years. We invite you to explore the place, the people, the scientific fervour and the great spirit of innovation...

The exhibition displays 260 images that tell the extraordinary story of the passion that linked the famous photographer and moviemaker, to every nook and cranny of Paris, but also to intellectuals, artists, great families, prostitutes and little rascals.
In short, to everyone who defines the legend of Paris. Paris remains indeed in the heart of his reflection, the governing theme of his work.

Things to discover ...

Medieval buildings, ancient abbey churches, aristocratic villas, but also reclaimed industrial buildings and examples of really modern architecture. The municipalities in our CittÓ Metropolitana are home to a heritage that is a wealth of tradition and modernity. The countryside is rich in areas of great natural interest, waterways, countryside.


  • Gaggiano
  • Centrale Taccani
  • Abbazia di Morimondo
  • Carroponte
> Discover the CittÓ Metropolitana's 134 municipalities

... in the province of Milan




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